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Aeration: Who, What, When, Why, and How

Are you familiar with lawn aeration? We are, and we’ve put together a short guide answering all sorts of questions about what aeration does to your lawn, whether or not you’ll need it, different types and more! Check it out below, and if there’s something we missed just comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

WHO can Aerate my lawn?

It is possible to aerate your lawn yourself, but it usually is more economical to hire a company due to the high cost of renting a machine. Most of your neighborhood lawn care companies offer this service and can give you a quote over the phone, including us!

WHAT kinds of Aeration are there?


  • Significantly more expensive

  • Better for germinating new seed

  • More common in the south

Core (What we offer)

  • Better for relieving soil compaction

  • Better at helping with thatch

  • More common in the north

WHEN should I get my lawn aerated?

You want to aerate a lawn in a time of year where the grass is growing. In the northeastern portion of the country where cool season grass is used, growing seasons are in the Spring and Fall. If you aerate in the summer it will put too much stress on your lawn and not be beneficial for the grass.

WHY should I aerate my lawn?

  • Strengthens the root system

  • Thickens the lawn

  • Breaks down thatch (thatch can prevent nutrients from reaching your soil)

  • Better water absorption

  • Less soil compaction (allows air and water to get into the root system)

HOW often should I aerate my lawn?

There are two factors, thatch buildup and soil compaction.

To evaluate thatch build up in your lawn, take a sample (you can try using a clear wine bottle, cut a square with a knife, or small round cookie cutter). If there is a 1/2inch or more of thatch (between the grass and soil), you should aerate for at least the next two or more years in a row. If your lawn has just under a half inch of thatch, you don’t need to do it every year, every other year is perfectly fine.

If you have almost no thatch, but haven’t aerated for over a few years your lawn would also benefit from having it done.

The other factor is soil compaction. If you can’t get a sample from your lawn you definitely need aeration to release the pressure and make it easier for your root system to flourish. If your lawn's soil just seems fairly hard, or is difficult to dig up, Aeration would be great. If it’s light and fluffy, leave it alone and spend your money elsewhere!

We do Aeration at the end of every September, so if you’re in our area and interested in getting it done, give us a call in the first couple weeks and we’d be happy to oblige!

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