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The Greatest Grass

With over 10,000 varieties of grass in America, deciding which grass fits your lifestyle best may be overwhelming. From residential lawns to golf course greens, we want to help you find the greatest grass. We've narrowed it down to the three most popular options in America.


Living in the northeast of the United States? This grass can withstand all the diverse weather changes that Mother Nature throws your way, from frigid snow storms to hot droughts. A low maintenance grass, Fescue is ideal for high-traffic areas. It has a beautiful dark green color, doesn't need full sun, and won't monopolize your time maintaining it. It is definitely worth considering!


Looking for a lush, thick grass that will thrive in a mild summer? Then Kentucky Bluegrass might be the best option for you. However, it does need more attention than Fescue, more watering, more trimming, etc.; but sometimes it will stop growing in 85-90 degree weather. If you're a lawn enthusiast, dedicated to making yours the best looking lawn around, Kentucky Bluegrass is the grass for you!


Recognized by its bluish-green blades, Bent Grass provides a thick ground covering. Although Bent Grass is a very light tolerant grass, it generally likes a cooler climate and moist weather. Along with requiring lots of light, Bent Grass also needs dutiful watering. The "Landscape Design Site" states "Bent Grass is most adapted to cool season areas with a generally moist climate and fertile soil, such as the northeastern U.S." If you go with Bent Grass, you could have a lusciously thick lawn, but be prepared to spend more time mowing and watering it.

From selecting which grass is right for you to installing your flower beds, our team at Patriot Lawn Care is dedicated to helping you with all your lawn care needs. See the chart below for a clear comparison between these three varieties.

Looking for a more in-depth analysis? Check out the website below. It has lots of information and great pictures of all sorts of varieties!

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